Dash Cam Shows Truck Driver Rescuing Horses from Wildfire

Screengrab via YouTube/Edward Czajka

In late June, the Erskine wildfire ripped through the Squirrel Valley near Lake Isabella, Calif. Strong winds fanned the flames, quickly spreading the fire. Amid the chaos, local horses got loose.

A motorist on the evacuation route saw a pair of fleeing horses and stepped up to save them. The dash cam footage below shows the driver and passenger of a pickup truck grab the horses by the reins through the windows and lead them to safety. Watch the remarkable moment.

Horses instinctively know to run from fire, but their fear causes them to act frantic. That panic can lead to death or injury, especially when they're running to safety on a busy road full of motorists who are also trying to escape the fire.

According to InciWeb, the Erskine Fire covered 48,019 acres. At least 150 homes burned to the ground and several more sustained damage.

California has been dealing with a series of wildfire this summer. On Wednesday, fires in Northern California expanded. As of Wednesday evening, the fire was currently only 10 percent contained.

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Dash Cam Shows Truck Driver Rescuing Horses from Wildfire