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Chris Young Honors Daryle Singletary With Stirring 'I Let Her Lie' Cover

"And in the glare of the morning sun/She swore I was her only one," Chris Young sang on Feb. 12 on stage in San Antonio, Texas. The singer paid tribute to the late Daryle Singletary by performing two verses of Singletary's biggest hit, "I Let Her Lie."

A minute-long clip of Young performing Singletary's signature song was posted to Twitter following the concert so fans across the country could take a moment to remember Singletary's contributions to country music.

"I miss you, Daryle," Young quickly stated, full of emotion while looking at the sky. Several country musicians have publicly mourned Singletary's death, including Lee Brice who performed "Old Violin" in honor of the late musician.

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Singletary famously covered Johnny Paycheck's "Old Violin" on his album, That's Why I Sing This Way, and the song ended up being his very last performance as he closed out his show in Lafayette on Feb. 10. He had several more shows lined up for the week.

Details on Singletary's death haven't been publicly released. At just 46 years old, the news his passing came as a shock to country music fans and musicians. Singletary leaves behind his wife and four children.

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