Darryl Worley and Wife Weather Devastating Fiji Cyclone


Darryl Worley and his wife Kimberly are reportedly safe in Fiji after Tropical Cyclone Winston hit the island on Feb. 19.

Worley’s representatives shared the news through a post on his Facebook page, thanking fans for keeping the couple in their thoughts and prayers.

“They are fine. They weathered the storm in a concrete storm room at the resort,” the post reads. “The islands are devastated and their is no electricity. There is some limited generator use at the resort. They have no wifi or information coming in so they don’t really know when they will get to leave or any details of things around them other than where they are.”

The country singer was visiting the island to participate in “Tunes In The Tropics,” a week-long concert event billed as “an intimate country music holiday with your favorite country music artists.” Adam Harvey, Travis Collins, Ashleigh Dallas, Kaylee Bell and Darren Carr are also listed as performers scheduled to participate in the event.

Tropical Cyclone Winston reached the strength equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane, with wind gusts reaching up to 220 MPH. Before the storm hit, Worley shared his concerns over the wellbeing of others on the island. “We have a good game plan, but we see people around us who may not even have a shelter to go to,” he wrote.

On Feb. 22, Worley posted two videos filmed during and after the storm that show just how powerful the cyclone was. According to the Weather Channel, at least 21 people have died in Fiji as a result of the storm.

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Darryl Worley and Wife Weather Devastating Fiji Cyclone