Darius Rucker Shocked to Find Family Photo Illegally Used in Apartment Ad

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Darius Rucker was shocked to find out that he and his family are the new faces of The Views at Elm Grove apartment complex. The only problem is that he didn't give them permission to use the photo. Rucker heard the news from the Big D and Bubba Morning Show after a listener called in to tell them "a funny story."

The caller was driving his wife's grandmother home from church when they pulled into her apartment complex and saw a photo of a happy family at the entrance. Next to the photo was a sign advertising apartments for rent. When they took a closer look, the couple discovered the family was none other than Rucker's.

Big D and Bubba asked the listener to text the photo to them. Once he did, they called Rucker to let him know. The first words out of his mouth were, "Oh my God!" You can hear what happened next in the video below.

Rucker told the nationally syndicated radio show that the image was taken from one of his family's Christmas card photos. Although in the moment Rucker finds the photo "unbelievable funny," he does plan to do something about it.

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"Where is this so I can go ahead and get a cease-and-desist on that?" Rucker says. The Views at Elm Grove will most likely be hearing from Rucker's attorney. ""[I'll] go to the lawyer when I get off the phone with you," he told Big D and Bubba.

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Darius Rucker Shocked to Find Family Photo Illegally Used in Apartment Ad