Darius Rucker Celebrates ‘Southern Style’ in New Single [LISTEN]

In his new single, Darius Rucker celebrates the subtle complexities of a Southern woman that’s stolen his heart.

Darius Rucker‘s new single, “Southern Style,” is the title track of his latest album and is a great musical summation of what he does best. The song is a beautifully descriptive ode to a sweet Southern woman who has captured his heart. One of Rucker’s strongest skills as an artist and songwriter is his attention to detail and elegance in creating and describing the characters in his songs.

Rucker has a way of perfectly illustrating imagery without getting into some of the typical country cliches that listeners have become far too accustomed to. The subtle brilliance of the line, “she ain’t ever read much Faulkner, but she could’ve been his daughter” is one that stands out among a stream of cleverly molded lyrics.

The song creates a breezy, nostalgic feeling that makes a connection with you even if you aren’t a southerner by birth. The family-friendly single is sure to be another quick addition to Rucker’s growing roster of country hits.

Rucker’s latest album, Southern Style, is available in store and online now.

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Darius Rucker Celebrates ‘Southern Style’ in New Single [LISTEN]