Danielle Bradbery
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Watch Danielle Bradbery Share Powerful Message in New Video for 'Worth It'


In her new video for "Worth It," Danielle Bradbery shares a powerful message. The elegant video draws inspiration from films like The Greatest Showman and Bradbery's time on The Voice. But it's the minute-long monologue at the beginning of the video that really shines light on Bradbery's inspiration.

"I wrote this song because I needed reminding of my own self worth," Bradbery says in the clip. The fourth track off her most recent album, I Don't Believe We've Met, "Worth It" immediately took on a life of its own with fans.

"It's so humbling to think something I had a part in writing, that is so personal to me, can help someone else through their struggles in their own life," she says.

During the voiceover, Bradbery thoughtfully walks through an empty venue, looking at the chairs. "This song started from a place of uncertainty," Bradbery says. "But now when I sing it and I think about the lyrics, I feel powerful."

That last thought cues Bradbery's performance of the beautiful waltz ballad. She stands center stage in a beautiful gown, singing the words to an empty CMA Theater.


Danielle Bradbery told People that certain moments in the video drew direct inspiration from her past. The Houston, Texas native won season four of The Voice in 2013 and released her debut album shortly after.

"That was one of the conversations we had in making this video," Bradbery explained to People. "The Voice was definitely a big inspiration for the video. It was a big part of the imagination for me being on stage in a big moment. We wanted to touch base on that and when they panned to me in the audience watching myself on stage, [The Voice] was one of the thoughts that the director wanted me to think about."

Bradbery is playing shows in support of the new album throughout the summer.

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