MLB Pitcher Daniel Norris Has Unusual Florida Spring Training Home


Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris does things a little differently, including his choice of Florida spring training accommodations.

Every late February pitchers from teams across Major League Baseball make their way either to Florida or Arizona in preparation for the grind of Spring Training as they prepare for the upcoming season. Most of these guys plop down in whichever hotel the team uses as their headquarters for the month and don't think anything else of it.

Except for Johnson City, Tennessee native Daniel Norris, that is.

The talented Blue Jays southpaw is notorious for his unique approach to the off-season, during which he roughs it cross-country on hunting, camping and fishing expeditions all the while staying in his second-hand 1978 Volkswagon van. In fact, he's so comfortable in the van, that it's now his spring training home, parked behind a Wal-Mart in Dunedin, Florida:

Norris used part of his recent $2 million signing bonus to purchase the van for $10,000 and seems perfectly at home living the minimalist live while his compadres are hardly doing so. Heck, it must be working, as Norris has been one of the top prospects in the Blue Jays' system for some time, and is off to an outstanding start this spring.

It's nice to see that there are some folks out there that aren't afraid to do their thing regardless of what others may think. Kudos to you Daniel Norris.

We like your style.

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MLB Pitcher Daniel Norris Has Unusual Florida Spring Training Home