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Video Premiere: Dani Taylor Celebrates Single Life on 'Table For One Drinking For Two'


If you're looking for songs to add to your Anti-Valentine's Day playlist or just looking for an anthem for your next socially-distanced girl's night, look no further than Dani Taylor's "Table For One Drinking For Two," an ode to independence and embracing a "single again attitude."

The video, which Wide Open Country is premiering today, features Taylor enjoying a carefree solo night with a table full of margaritas.

"In the beginning sequence, I was wearing a mask because those are now restaurant rules. The reason I wore a mask in the beginning was to show how nice it is to sit down and be able to not wear one. The act of throwing the mask was meant to show me enjoying my date with myself. The crew was much smaller and we were social distancing while filming," Taylor tells Wide Open Country.

Watch the video for "Table For One Drinking For Two" below.


Whether you're newly single or just enjoying more solo outings, Taylor shares her advice for embracing an independent attitude.

"Learn to enjoy your own company," Taylor says. "Go out on adventures and travel by yourself. You learn a lot more about yourself during solo adventures than with friends and family. "

For more information on Dani Taylor, visit her official website.


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