Dan + Shay’s Dan Plays Good Samaritan for the Day

Dan + Shay have been tearing it up on the charts lately, but that doesn’t mean their personal lives have slowed down any. In fact, just a couple of days ago, Dan Smyers from the group wound up playing good Samaritan for the day.

Throughout the day, he took to Twitter to tell his fans about his crazy adventure. He first found a fallen biker with a broken hip. He wound up carrying the guy into an ambulance so they could take him to the hospital.

After that adventure, Dan also found a dog that was dodging cars on the highway. The kind-hearted singer quickly scooped up the dog and brought him home.

Dan Smyers - Instagram
Dan Smyers – Instagram

Dan was more than ready to keep the dog, but his girlfriend, Abby Law, had other plans. With a simple search on Facebook, she found the owner and made sure the two found each other again. Naturally, Dan was happy that the dog had found its way home.

Dan Smyers - Instagram
Dan Smyers – Twitter

I’m sure after all this activity, Dan took a good long nap. He definitely had a busy enough day for one.

To top off this crazy story, both the biker and the dog had something in common. They both shared the name of Roger. How’s that for a coincidence!

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Dan + Shay’s Dan Plays Good Samaritan for the Day