Dale Watson’s ‘South of Round Rock, Texas’ Shows Just How Much Austin Has Grown

My how the times have changed. Austin, Texas is and has been the fastest-growing major city in the U.S. for quite some time, but music videos like Dale Watson‘s “South of Round Rock, Texas” really remind us just how much.

Dale Watson may be known as the “silver fox” nowadays, but back in 1995, he was a brown-haired newcomer on the Austin scene. Watson released his debut album Cheatin’ Heart Attack and filmed the song all over the city. Anyone who has been to Austin in the past five years may not even recognize “the little town south of Round Rock, Texas” in the video if it weren’t for the shot of the state capitol.

So just how much has changed since 1995?

In 1995, the population of Austin was 555,000. In 2015, the population has topped 915,000. The tallest building in the Austin skyline in ’96 was the 398-foot One Congress Plaza seen prominently in Watson’s video. Now it’s the 683-foot Austonian tower, with many more on the way.

The famous Stevie Ray Vaughan memorial statue by Town Lake, now known as Lady Bird Lake, was celebrated its first anniversary in 1995, and now it’s an iconic image of the city’s rich musical history. Of course, Watson’s catalog has grown with the city. He now counts 29 albums among his repertoire.

While ATX may be unrecognizable to some, not everything has changed. The Continental Club where Watson is performing to happy two-steppers? It’s still a happening spot for music seven nights a week.

And The Broken Spoke Watson he plays on top of? It’s still one of the coolest real honky tonks in America. Sure, it may now be nestled between two luxury apartment complexes, but it’s still there, damn it!

Regardless of all the changes, like Dale says, we still greet you with a smile, and there’s always something going down south of Round Rock, Texas.

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Dale Watson’s ‘South of Round Rock, Texas’ Shows Just How Much Austin Has Grown