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Dairy Queen Has a New MLB-Inspired Blizzard

It's one, two, three strikes you're out at the ole' ball game! The first day of major league baseball season is just around the corner and our friends at Dairy Queen are getting ready to celebrate game day with a special Blizzard treat. Reminiscent of the famous baseball treat, cracker jacks, this frozen treat combines the crunch of peanuts and caramel popcorn with creamy soft-serve ice cream.

According to Dairy Queen, the treat is a "delicious explosion of favorite ballpark flavors." The new baseball inspired Blizzard includes caramel coated peanuts, caramel popcorn brittle and chocolate chunks which are blended together with vanilla soft serve. And that's not all. The new Blizzard is topped with crunchy pretzel rods and choco drizzled caramel popcorn. Could this treat get any better?

The new Triple Play Blizzard is only available at 15 select cities across the country. Each store is located in one of the 15 MLB home team cities. Did your town make the cut?

Arizona: Phoenix

California: Burbank, San Ramon, and San Diego

Florida: Saint Petersburg and Pembroke Pines

Georgia: Chamblee

Kentucky: Ft. Wright

Maryland: Odenton

Michigan: Madison Heights

Missouri: Kansas City

New York: Bronx

Texas: Arlington

Washington: Redmond

Ontario: Toronto

You can find the specific store locations listed here. If this special Blizzard treat innovation isn't in your town and you're dreaming of those choco chunks, you can always order a regular Blizzard and ask for extra fixings.

While it might be difficult to recreate this Blizzard in the store with the pretzel rods, you can add them when you get home and instead ask the employees to add caramel or peanuts to your Blizzard creation. If you have a peanut allergy, be sure to order this menu item without peanuts.

Are you ready for baseball season? If you're a fan of the Texas Rangers, or live in Texas and love when your home team comes to town, then you have to check out the new list of stadium menu items. There is, indeed, a pickle corn dog on the list.

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