Dad Makes Most Epic ‘Transformers’ Cake for Son’s Birthday [WATCH]

Screengrab via YouTube

When you’re young, having an awesome birthday party is a high priority.

Besides all the presents, delicious food and fun times with friends and family, you can pick a theme and enjoy it all day. This little kid absolutely loves the famous kid’s cartoon Transformers, which drove his family to base his entire birthday party around the tv show.

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In this adorable video, you can see this cute little boy sporting a Transformers costume as he happily blows out the candles on his matching birthday cake. What he didn’t know was his birthday cake, expertly designed by his dad, was about to make his special day even better.

Within seconds, his cake actually begins to transform and move into the form of Transformers character Optimus Prime. You can see the little man’s face light up as his cake becomes the image of his favorite fictional hero.

Click below to see this father’s impressive birthday cake creation.

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Dad Makes Most Epic ‘Transformers’ Cake for Son’s Birthday [WATCH]