Image via Cypress Falls Event Center

Cypress Falls is the Texas Swimming Hole You've Never Visited But Should

When most Texans think of Wimberley, they probably think of Blue Hole. There is another Wimberley swimming hole, however, that you should try.

Cypress Falls on Cypress Creek is a blissful, verdant getaway from the rush of the big cities. Tucked in the charming Hill Country community of Wimberley, this swimming hole is exactly what you need to survive these last dog days of summer.



Cypress Falls derives its name from the falls created by the dam in the creek, which also creates the swimming hole itself. The creek is spring fed by Jacob's Well, so the water is crisp and cool all year round. The creek is home to "Eagle Rock," which is a natural rock formation that creates a cave alongside the creek.

Eagle Rock at Cypress Falls Image via Cypress Falls Event Center

Eagle Rock at Cypress Falls Image via Cypress Falls Event Center

There is more to Cypress Falls than a swimming hole, though. There's a bar near the creek, for thirsty swimmers who are of legal drinking age. Also, there's a cafe called the Back Porch where patrons can get barbecue and burgers before heading back out to swim.

So how do you get to Cypress Falls? The swimming hole is inside the Cypress Falls Event Center and Lodge. The event center has a golf course and even hosts beautiful Hill Country weddings. The lodge is a whimsical vintage hotel where guests can stay and enjoy the amenities of the event center.

However, if all you're after is a good dip on a hot day, have no fear. The event center allows anyone to use the swimming hole, for only the cost of a $6 wristband.

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