Cyndi Lauper to Feature Willie Nelson on New Country Album

Cyndi Lauper is back in the spotlight, leaking new details on how Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton influenced her upcoming country album Detour.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Lauper, who’s famous for hits like “True Colors” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, revealed that she was actually left pretty starstruck when working with Nelson on the new release.

“I tried to be professional, but you know when you’re overwhelmed — when he came in, I almost cried,” Lauper told the reporter, on account of her first run-in with the Texas legend. She also admitted in the interview that Dolly Parton’s music played a huge role during the recording of the project.

Though Lauper and Parton aren’t actually teaming up on Detour, the singer hinted to Entertainment Weekly that her new sound is directly influenced by the ‘Coat of Many Colors’ singer, whose track ‘Hard Candy Christmas’ she covers on the much anticipated album.

“The first hotel we stayed at in Nashville had a big art piece on the wall, and in the corner it said ‘What Would Dolly Do?’” Lauper revealed. “I kept thinking that all the way through. I decided she would definitely do one of her songs.”

Lauper first hinted that she was looking to work on a country album back in September, telling Bang Showbiz that she was hoping to head to Nashville to work with legendary producer Tony Brown, the man behind big names like Reba McEntire, Vince Gill and George Strait.

”I want to work with Tony Brown down in Nashville and do a country record, finally,” Lauper said last year, “I want to record all those songs I used to sing my guts out in my apartment to! It’ll be out next year.”

Detour is expected for release later this year.

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Cyndi Lauper to Feature Willie Nelson on New Country Album