Pop Culture Eyeshadow Palettes
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10 TV and Movie-Themed Eyeshadow Palettes for Your Pop Culture-Obsessed Bestie

Wear eyeshadow inspired by Whoville and other fantasy worlds.

Name an intellectual property or a fandom, and surely, it's inspired an eyeshadow palette or some other makeup product. That's true whether it's Cheetos or "Wheel of Fortune." Once you get into such pop culture staples as "Friends" and "Sesame Street," there's whole lines of cosmetics for your beauty needs.

TV, comic book and movie-inspired palettes are especially fun because they're based on visual mediums with their own eye-catching and otherworldly graphic aesthetics. Something as fantastical as the "Star Wars" universe or as visually stunning as Disney animation broadens the makeup rainbow to include tones that reflect some of our favorite characters and moments. Plus, makeup companies have gotten more and more creative with packaging, making for elaborate keepsakes that'll display your fandom as effectively as any poster, clothing item or smart phone case.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your pop culture-obsessed bestie (or just want to treat yourself this holiday season, read on for 10 of the cutest eyeshadow palettes on the market that are themed around TV and film brands. Picks favor not just the quality of makeup and range of colors but also the creativity behind the packaging and color options' names— purchase a "Jurassic Park" palette, wear "Clever Girl."

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