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Try Not to Cringe as You Watch These Folks Attempt to Cut a Mango

Mangoes are no doubt one of the trickiest fruits to cut. If your first instinct is to slice down the middle section, you're not alone. Anyone who has never sliced a ripe mango much less seen one would do the same. The trouble with this method is the inside contains a giant oblong seed that is about the same size of the mango itself. So what do you do?

Epicurious asked 50 people to demonstrate how to cut a mango to determine the best way. Slicing, cutting, and mostly mangling, the demonstrators pierced and squeezed the life out of the mangoes. If you thought you were bad at mango slicing, take a look at this:

Whoa there. Mangoes may be hard to cut but some of these folks could use a couple knife skills lessons - and maybe a lesson in identifying fruit itself.

If you know how to cut a mango, you're probably recoiling into your chair right now. For those that don't, you've probably picked up on the fact that this is not how to do it. Butchering knife? Wrong. Sawing crosswise down the middle? Not going to happen. This isn't an avocado. Slice down the middle like these folks and you'll only wind up with a handful of skin and mushy mango flesh.

How to Cut a Mango

Peel or no peel, there is a right way to slice a mango. First, place the stem end down and the narrow side up. Now, slice down the side without jabbing into the pit. Doesn't that feel satisfying? Using a small paring knife, gently score the flesh into cubes for mango pieces or cut lengthwise for mango slices, then slice right next to the skin to remove it. Do it this way, and it will feel like slicing through butter with a warm knife. Opt for one of the other wrong ways, and you'll probably never eat a mango.

Like all good skills, learning how to slice a mango doesn't come without practice. Once you get it down, you'll be able to savor the sweet, juicy flesh of this tropical fruit.

Now that you know how to slice a juicy mango, what are you going to do with all those wonderful big pieces fruit? There's so many tasty mango recipes, but you can't go wrong with a mango salsa like this 6-ingredient Peach Mango Salsa.

Part fruit salad, part salsa, you can pair it with some tortilla chips, put it on fish tacos, or eat it by the spoonful. Next time you host a dinner party, leave the mango splitter in the drawer and bust out your knife skills to whip this salsa up for your guests. They'll be just as impressed by your simple technique as they are the salsa.

Oh and remember folks, when you know how to cut a mango you're ready to marry, or so they say. Judging by this test panel, there's a lot of singles out there.

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