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This Cup Quarter Hack Could Help You During a Power Outage

Facebook/Sheila Pulanco Russell

Several Americans are without power this morning following frigid stormsacross the South and other regions in the U.S. And with more cold weather likely on the way, this cup quarter hack is something you should remember before another power outage occurs.

Country Living recently resurfaced the tip, which was originally shared by Facebook user Sheila Pulanco Russell a couple years ago. Russell's tip is so easy and helpful, it's been shared 427,000 times.

Here's how it works: freeze a cup of water in your fridge. When the water freezes, put a quarter on top of the ice, and put it back in your fridge. If your power goes out for an extended period of time, or you have to evacuate your home, check the mug to see if the coin is still on top. If it is, your freezer is working fine. If it's at the bottom, then you know your freeze stopped working, and you're food defrosted and probably spoiled.

You should also keep a supply of food, flashlights, batteries, warm clothes and medical supplies in your home just in case power does go out. You never know when you may need it.

Stay warm and stay safe out there this winter!

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This Cup Quarter Hack Could Help You During a Power Outage