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Hear Jason Isbell Tackle the Dark Side of Small Town Life in 'Cumberland Gap'

Jason Isbell is a true storyteller, and that talent is apparent through every line of his new track, "Cumberland Gap."

Veering away from the more solemn ballads that filled his previous solo LPs, Isbell leans heavily on electric guitars and driving percussion. Although the rhythm is more intense and seemingly upbeat, the lyrics drive home the struggle and desperation of the working class.

"There's nothing here but churches, bars and grocery stores," he explains as a way of justifying drinking away the days. Isbell has a way of tackling the darkness that lies behind the front doors of small town folks who are just trying to get by in any way they know how.

Listen to the full track below.

"Cumberland Gap" is a track from Isbell's upcoming record The Nashville Sound. Acclaimed producer Dave Cobb, who worked on previous releases Southeastern and Something More Than Free, returned to produce the new project.

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The Nashville Sound drops on June 16. You can find more information on the album and Isbell's upcoming tour dates here.

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