Crumbl Cookies Review: Classic Cookies Taken to The Next Level of Decadence

I think people might find it strange to know that cookies are in my top three favorite foods of all time. The usual answer is a type of cuisine, but for me cookies (and almost any type except peanut butter) put a smile on my face. So when my friend started raving about how delicious Crumbl Cookies' cookies are, I got to thinking that I had to try them. Crumbl Cookies is based in Utah, but luckily, two new locations opened up right in Austin so it was all just a delicious coincidence.

Crumbl Cookies was founded by Jason McGowan and Sewyer Hemley, two cousins who love baking, cookies, and bringing happiness to the world with their decadent sweet treats. The cousins perfected their cookie-baking abilities by getting feedback from others and testing recipes, until they succeeded in making "the world's best chocolate chip cookie." Their first store was opened in Logan, Utah in 2017, and from then on, they've only grown in popularity and success. Crumbl started off simple, just serving milk chocolate chip cookies for takeout and delivery, but as business grew, they began to offer more services, and now we can enjoy their mouthwatering recipes from anywhere in the country.

Wide Open Eats was invited to check out the south Crumbl Cookies location, and I jumped at the opportunity to go. Upon walking through the front door, I was instantly drawn in by seeing cookies literally everywhere. This was a dream come true for me, given my feelings for cookies, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on a few of those decadent, freshly baked sweet treats!

Crumbl Cookies has a very open kitchen concept, with their kitchen located right behind their counter. You can watch them take the dough and make it into a cookie, and it's quite mesmerizing. Even as someone who bakes all the time, I was drawn to watching them pull apart pieces from a big pile of dough.

"Everything from cookies to frosting is made fresh in our kitchen every day. All of our cookies are served in our beautiful gourmet boxes," owner Madi Hall said. She's not exaggerating. I got to see firsthand what cookies and frosting they had available right at the front counter.

Poonam Patel

Crumbl Cookies Flavors

Their cookie flavors are very interesting, to say the least. I instantly noticed their chocolate chip cookie, but even that's not just a regular chocolate chip. Their cookie is actually a milk chocolate chip cookie, a warm cookie with milk chocolate chips as stated on their website. If you bake like me, you'll know that not all cookies use milk chocolate chips. This truly makes them unique from the chocolate chip bunch around Austin.

Then they have their other flavors. They have 6 flavors each week, that are "...gourmet, decadent and beautiful. What sets us apart is our rotating menu for sure. Every week we have six cookies. Our two staples cookies that we have are the Milk Chocolate Chip and the Chilled Sugar cookie. Then we have our four specialty flavors, and those are the ones that rotate," Hall added.

crumbl cookies

Poonam Patel

The week I was there, their rotating flavors consisted of the Cosmic Brownie, Muddy Buddy, Oatmeal Raisin, and Cinnamon Swirl. And although their specialty flavors definitely make them different from other cookie distributors in town, I would say the cookie company as a whole is what really makes them shine. The way they debut their new flavors really makes them even more unique.

It's all about the element of surprise, and I think that's what gives them their loyal fans. Every Sunday night, Crumbl Cookies debuts which specialty cookies will be on the rotation for the upcoming week. Cookie fans have to be tuned in on social media to see which new cookie made the cut.

All you have to do then is put in an order and do curbside pick-up. It's as easy as that. You can also pick them up in store just to see all the massive cookies on display. You'll want to order more to fill their famous pink box. And if you really can't make it out but still want to order, they deliver within a few mile radius.

Poonam Patel

As for me, I got to take four of their flavors home to try. I had the Warm Chocolate Chip, Cosmic Brownie, Muddy Buddy, and Cinnamon Swirl. The Cosmic Brownie reminded me of the brownies I grew up eating, except fluffier and way more decadent.

Then I tried the Cinnamon Swirl because I was told it's like eating a churro and honestly I love churros! It definitely does churros justice. Third I had the Muddy Buddy, which indeed does have peanut butter in it. I'm not a big fan of PB, but it was peanut butter chocolate chip so I had to try it. Lastly, I had the Milk Chocolate Chip because I always want to end on a high note. It was delicious.

crumbl cookies

Poonam Patel

If I had to pick which gourmet cookie was the best, it would be a very close call between the brownie and the chocolate chip, but I have to go with my true love and pick the milk chocolate chip. I actually had two cookies each of both flavors, and I found that eating the chocolate chip back to back was delightful. It tasted mildly sweet, so I didn't feel like I was being entirely unhealthy!

If you go in store, you'll also find that you can get milk, ice cream, and water with your order. Of course, we wouldn't want the latter, but if this is your first Crumbl experience, why not go all out and get the ice cream and milk? Their ice cream actually comes in the flavors of their cookies, which is kind of a meta way to have cookies and ice cream.

Hopefully, I've persuaded you to give Crumbl Cookies a try. It truly is one of the best cookies you can get in Austin. If we're lucky, they'll open more locations. With flavors like berry crunch, classic cornbread cookie, raspberry cheesecake, s'mores, and Nutella, it's hard not to find something you'll love. Hall says that with every grand opening, you get a free cookie. And, well, free cookies are always welcomed. You can learn more about them at