Crown Royal Apple: 5 Yummy Cocktails To Make With This Whiskey

Crown Royal Whisky has been blessing us with its glory since 1939. When King George VI and Queen Elizabeth first visited Canada, a Canadian spirits entrepreneur wanted to create the perfect whiskey as a gift. After trying 600 blends, he presented the royal couple with 50 of the smoothest whiskey blends. This became known as Crown Royal Whisky. Crown Royal has evolved to expand on the classic Canadian whisky (or Canadian whiskey, depending on where you live). Their flavor series includes Texas Mesquite, Salted Caramel, Crown Royal Vanilla, and of course, Crown Royal Apple. We're going to explore the best mixers and drinks you can make with Crown Royal Regal apple-flavored whisky.

According to Crown Royal, "To create this extraordinary blend, Crown Royal™ whiskies are hand-selected and infused with Regal Gala Apple flavors." Consumers love that this blend of bright apple isn't sickeningly sweet or overpowering like many fruit-flavored liquors end up being. Its flavor is reminiscent of a freshly picked green apple. Even whiskey purists will enjoy the notes of delectably crisp apple flavor in this signature Crown Royal flavor.

Along with being beloved for its crisp apple flavor, Crown Royal is perfect for making cocktails. Whether you're looking for a citrusy refreshing drink to cool down in the summer or a warming beverage on a chilly evening, Crown Royal is the perfect base. Its apple flavor goes great with wintery flavors like cinnamon and Rumchata, and it also mixes deliciously with fruity mixers like pineapple and cranberry juice.

5 Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy with Crown Royal Apple

1. Apple Pie Cocktail

When the weather starts to cool down in Autumn, there's nothing cozier than curling up with an apple pie cocktail. This one combines Rumchata, hints of spice from cinnamon, cinnamon whiskey, and whipped cream vodka. This light spice drink is perfect for any fall get-together. Apple-flavored whiskey is the perfect fall flavor.

Find this recipe here.

2. Crown Apple Sour

Whiskey sours are a delicious way to switch up your everyday whiskey routine, and have good accessibility for those just getting into whiskey. Using Crown Royal Regal apple adds a hint of sweetness, along with the addition of simple syrup. This apple drink is perfect for happy hour.

Find this recipe here.

3. Crownberry Apple

For those that enjoy a splash of cranberry in their alcoholic beverages, this is the perfect cocktail. Crown apple whiskey is combined with a splash of cranberry juice, contrasting the slightly sweet liqueur with the sour notes of the cranberry, creating a balanced sweetness.

Find the recipe here.

4. Crown Apple Mint Julep

A mint julep is the perfect cocktail for an added twist. The base of a julep is whisky, so replacing regular whisky with Crown Royal apple makes perfect sense. It wouldn't be a mint julep without a garnish of mint leaves. If you've never tried the combo before, mint and apple make a sweet and refreshing pair. Who needs Crown Royal Peach when you can have it in apple?

Get the recipe here.

5. Crown Apple Frizz Cocktail

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This apple mixed drink combines lemon juice, pineapple juice, and seltzer for a summery drink perfect for lounging by the pool, or a summertime cocktail party.

Find the recipe here.

5 Fabulous Mixers for Crown Royal Apple

If you're not feeling up to making an entire cocktail, or if you're lean on ingredients, adding a mixer to your whisky is the perfect solution. These mix-ins all pair to highlight the sweetness of the apple. Use any of these 5 flavors in your Crown Royal Apple and it's guaranteed to be delicious.

1. Sparkling apple cider

2. Cinnamon Whisky

3. Madeia Wine

4. Ginger beer or ginger ale

5. Cranberry Juice

You could also mix your whisky with some whisky from the Crown Royal flavors collection, like Crown Royal salted caramel for a fun, adults-only twist on a caramel apple.

Any cocktail made with Canadian whisky is going to be strong. Most recipes call for one shot glass worth of alcohol, but you may choose to add more or less. However, you chose to indulge with your Crown Royal Apple, make sure you are drinking responsibly.

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