Crowdfunding Brings Clearly Canadian Back Into Production

Fans of the previously defunct Clearly Canadian beverages will be able to enjoy their sparkling drinks once more.

If you were a fan of Clearly Canadian flavored sparkling waters, you’ll be happy to hear that they will be available to enjoy once again.

The brand, which was popular through the 1980’s and 1990’s, stopped production in 2009. After fans of the drink began campaigning for its return online, a Kickstarter-type crowdfunding campaign was launched in hopes to secure enough interest to bring the brand back into regular production.

According to FXw, venture capitalist Robert R. Kahn bought the Clearly Canadian brand and publicly promised that if the company sold 25,000 pre-orders, he would bring the soda back into production. On May 23, the brand announced that they had received over 11,000 pre-orders so far and that production was officially going to be restarted.

According to their Facebook page, the beverage will be released in four flavors: Mountain Blackberry, Orchard Peach, Wild Cherry and Country Raspberry. It is currently unclear if the soda will be available for sale in stores or only through online retailers.

You can place your own pre-order and learn more about the soda at the Clearly Canadian website.

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Crowdfunding Brings Clearly Canadian Back Into Production