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Video Premiere: Creature Comfort Gets Back to Nature on 'Big, Buff and Handsome'

Since 2012, the Nashville-based band Creature Comfort has explored the feeling of being torn between their rural upbringing and current Music City lifestyle. (They've even dubbed the sound of their forthcoming record "bootgaze," a play on the indie and alt-rock subgenre "shoegaze" and a nod to their affinity for cowboy boots and farm kid origins.) And at a time when a growing number of millenials would just as soon move into a tiny home or a log cabin in the woods as a downtown loft, it's certainly worth exploring.

Fittingly, the music video for the buoyant Americana jam "Big, Buff and Handsome," the latest release from their forthcoming sophomore album Home Team (out on Oct. 30), finds the five-piece band coming face to face with the ultimate man of the woods: Sasquatch.

Creature Comfort lead singer Jessey Clark says the idea for the video was inspired by a certain lyric in the song.

"Before COVID-19 happened, we had a very different idea for the music video, but because of the number of extras we would have needed for our original concept, we had to come up with a new plan," Clark tells Wide Open Country. "The director of the video hung onto the line, 'He has a sip of whiskey and gets lost in the trees.' He then wondered, 'What would happen to the man who got lost in the woods and never found society again? What he would become?' The answer to that question was Sasquatch."

Watch the video for "Big, Buff and Handsome" below.

Creature Comfort previously released the 2013 album Fox Tales and the 2016 EP Echoes and Relics.

For more information on Creature Comfort, visit their official website.

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