8 Creative Ways to Wear Bandanas

Be bandana cool when you get creative with the classic country print.

It’s a square piece of fabric. That’s it. So simple. But the bandana has a multitude of uses that make it both fashionable and functional. It’s not just something that farmers and bikers and cowhands wear on their heads. It’s becoming popular as a more mainstream fashion piece.

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A bandana, much like a scarf, was created for a purpose, but is used for many different reasons. And the bandana print is a country staple, even if it isn’t being worn as part of a country ensemble.

To celebrate this versatile print, I’ve found some really awesome bandana products, as well as a few creative ways to wear bandanas.

1. Bandana Top

Inked Shop

This is such a creative way to rock bandana print. This Long Paisley Bandana Top would look awesome with a pair of jeans and classic cowgirl boots. Or, for a more feminine look, with a denim skirt instead.

The style of this top is perfect for spring and summer. Since it’s in a dark color, you can add some seasonal elements with bright accessories like jewelry.

2. Bandana Maxi Dress

OutFit Ideas

This dress would be great for spring or summer. Who doesn’t love a cute maxi? The halter style is sexy but classy, and the traditional red bandana print makes it country chic.

While I’m not sure where this dress came from, I did find a similar bandana print halter dress that you can grab on eBay.

3. Bandana Shorts


These Vintage Wrangler High Waisted Black Bandana Denim Shorts have “booty shakin'” written all over them. Get your bandana fix when you shake your money maker in these shorts on Saturday night.

If you really want to dress the part of a booty shakin’ country beauty, pair with a cute crop top and cowgirl boots.

4. Bandana Blazer

Want to bring your country style with you to the office? This Michael Kors Bandana Print Blazer is country office cool, and will add color and fun to your corporate apparel.

You can also wear a piece like this with a more casual outfit, and use the blazer as a way to dress up your look.

5. Bandana Clutch


It comes with a hefty price tag ($250), but this Alila Bandana Print Clutch, made from 100% cowhide leather, is so fabulously fun. You can use it to carry your necessities without going overboard on the bandana print.

Take it with you when you go line dancing, or to a country wedding, or even on a date.

After finding some bandana inspiration in these products, check out these few non-traditional, creative ways to wear a bandana:

6. As a Wristband

Become Gorgeous

Sometimes you just want a hint of your country roots showing. A bandana wristband is an easy way to show off your southern style without making it the focus of your look.

7. As a Headscarf

Jag Lever

You can find lots of tutorials online about how to wear a bandana as a headscarf. It’s a common way to style the printed piece, and it’s a great way to represent your country way of life.

8. As a Belt


Taking a stroll in Redondo Beach, Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas, pictured above, is wearing an oversized bandana as a belt. If you don’t have an oversized version, you can easily tie two standard sized bandanas together at the ends and then feed through your belt loops.

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8 Creative Ways to Wear Bandanas