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How to Create an Easy DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

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With limited outdoor space, apartment living can really put a damper on gardening. If you have the desire to grow something that requires little attention and takes up minimal space, this DIY mason jar herb garden is just for you!

Here's what you'll need to make this easy and adorable herb garden: large mason jars, rocks, potting mix, potting charcoal and your favorite herbs.

Start by putting rocks on the bottom of the mason jars, followed by a layer of potting charcoal. Next, add potting mix but leave space at the top for the transplanted herb. Put the transplant herb on top after knocking off some of the excess soil. The top of the plant should be even with the opening of the mason jar.

You can buy herb seeds as well, but if you're a beginner or want something even easier, go ahead and buy the transplant style herbs.

Herbs do need to be able to drain, but instead of drilling a hole in the bottom of the jar, the potting charcoal will absorb water and help keep the plants from drowning.

All herbs need sunlight to grow. If you don't have room on a patio or porch, you can put them inside in front of a window. Also, if you are starting your garden during cooler months, you can start them inside and then move them outdoors once it warms up.

In the instructional video, HGTV Handmade's Julia shows you how to create an easy planter for a patio railing. All you need are crates and adjustable planter brackets, and you can even paint the crates if you choose! She also adds some chalkboard labels to the crates, which adds to the country chic look of the project.

The best time to water herbs is always in the morning, but always remember to keep the soil moist instead of soaked to ensure your plant a long and healthy life.

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How to Create an Easy DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden