Shania Twain Fan Arrested After Allegedly Faking Her Own Abduction

Shania Twain

Remember the New York woman who went missing? The Shania Twain fan? You know, the one who Shania even tweeted about after desperate pleas from her friends and family before  mysteriously showed up back home, two weeks later.

Her name is Rachel Mattice. And in a bizarre new twist, police just arrested her. She allegedly made the whole thing up. And it gets weirder from there.

Apparently, an employer accused Mattice of stealing prescription drugs. She appeared in a New York court on Tuesday, facing a charge of Petit Larceny. She reportedly stole the drugs while serving as a nurse at Hamilton County Public Nursing Service.

Those charges, some speculate, may have inspired her to fake an abduction. In June, the 24-year-0ld Mattice disappeared after heading up to a family campsite. Authorities found her Jeep with its doors open outside a family campground. Her phone and purse were still inside.

The disappearance set off a massive search, reportedly involving 400 different leads and costing $100,000. Of course, it also included Shania Twain's plea for help. One of Mattice's friends reached out to Twain over Instagram, telling the singer she is Mattice's idol.

But when Mattice mysteriously showed up at home two weeks later, she wasn't helpful in identifying just what happened to her.

Mattice claimed a bearded man abducted and assaulted her. However, no hospital records signaled any signs of assault. And one group of people reported giving her a ride to a different campsite after time she said the bearded man abducted her.

She now faces a misdemeanor charge for falsely reporting an abduction. Of course she pleaded not guilty, because the story is just that weird.

Unfortunately, Mattice's disappearance dragged two of her well-meaning friends into legal troubles, too. Her friends James Gasiewski and Jacob Eggleston were arrested for throwing a smoke bomb into a house.

Apparently, the pair believed Mattice may have been inside a New York home thanks to some faulty information on social media. Instead of calling the cops, they made a "smoke bomb" to throw inside the house. They reported the house on fire, hoping authorities would show up, bust down the door, and find Mattice.

Instead, the pair haphazardly find themselves in hot water for the movie plot gone wrong maneuver.

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Shania Twain Fan Arrested After Allegedly Faking Her Own Abduction