When is it Crawfish Season? 

Whether you call them crawdads, crayfish, or mudbugs, crawfish are a staple of the South, specifically Louisiana. Few things say "New Orleans" more than a crawfish boil. Spring is almost here, and we're all ready for BBQs, picnics, and all the great things that come with warmer weather. In the South, one of the best parts of Spring is crawfish season!

Crawfish Season

Crawfish season depends on the weather, rainfall, and water levels of the swamps and bayous where these crustaceans reside. Because of this, its impossible to say when it will consistently fall, since it changes by the year. On a lucky year full of rain and unseasonably warm weather, crawfish season can start as early as November. However, the season typically falls from mid-January to early July in Louisiana, with the peak being in March, April and May. During this time, live crawfish are being caught in every swamp and bayou in the state!

Like the season, crawfish pricing is also unpredictable year to year. Since the crawfish industry's success depends on the weather and swamp conditions, a few pounds of crawfish can have vastly different prices depending on the year. However, no matter the price, boiled crawfish is always delicious!

Crawfish Festivals

Crawfish catching is an activity that many families partake in, and there are even annual crawfish festivals where people chow down on this southern delicacy. One of the most popular in Louisiana is the Original Downtown Lake Charles Crawfish Fest, which is a fun way to learn about the history of crawfish and how the industry has benefitted the state. Last year, the coronavirus pandemic affected the restaurants and festivals throughout Louisiana, so there was plenty of crawfish to go around but fewer places to enjoy it.

While catching and eating wild Louisiana crawfish is popular, one can also source crawfish from crawfish farms. The crustaceans grown on these are available for longer than those caught in the wild because crawfish farmers can make the conditions more favorable for optimal crawfish growing, allowing crawfish-lovers to eat crawfish during less typical months of the year.

Crawfish season happens in Texas as well as Louisiana, also from January to July. In a typical year, there are crawfish festivals throughout Texas, in big cities like Houston and Austin, and smaller areas like Corpus Christi. These happen during the spring to the early summer and are full of crawfish, live music, and the merriment that comes from eating delicious food under the sun. No matter when peak crawfish season happens this year, those in the South will be ready to enjoy it with gumbo, crawfish etouffee, and crawfish boil!

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