Craig Morgan Weighs in on MSNBC Guest’s ‘Killing Muslims’ Comment

Craig Morgan defends country music after an MSNBC guest makes some insulting comments about the genre.

Sometimes people who know nothing about country music say really dumb things about country music – especially when they’re on TV.

Case in point, Ebony.com Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux, who appeared on MSNBC’s NOW With Alex Wagner last week to comment on Senator Ted Cruz‘s revelation that he started listening to country music after the 9/11 attacks.

When asked why she thought Cruz changed his listening preferences, Lemieux said “Nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music.”

She laughed and so did the other guest panelists — former RNC Chair Michael Steele and Salon editor-at-large Joan Walsh. But guest host Ari Melber wasn’t amused. He issued an apology on behalf of the network later in the program.

Fox and Friends picked up the story the following day and brought on country singer and former Army Ranger Craig Morgan to weigh in on the bizarre remarks.

“It’s a little insulting but it’s also laughable,” Morgan said. “I don’t know why Ms. Limieux felt the need to be, really it was just rude. I felt like it was a very rude statement.”

Morgan also took Walsh to task for comments she made later in the show.

“In my opinion, even worse was Ms. Walsh’s reaction, you know, her laughing and then I thought that her insulting the ‘bless their hearts, the country people’ comment,” Morgan continued. “There’s a lot of ignorance on their part I believe more than anything.”

You may remember Morgan also came to the defense of the film American Sniper a few months ago after comedian Seth Rogan compared the film to a scene in Inglorious Basterds. 

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Craig Morgan Weighs in on MSNBC Guest’s ‘Killing Muslims’ Comment