Craig Morgan Explores His Hometown in 'I'll Be Home Soon' Video

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Craig Morgan is giving fans a glimpse into his personal life in his new "I'll Be Home Soon" music video. The song, which will be on Morgan's forthcoming album, is about longing to come home to a loved one, whether it be after an hour, day or year apart.

The video features the country star spending a day in his hometown of Dickson, Tennessee, stopping by a local diner, barber shop and florist. The video chronicles two different types of homecomings, Morgan returning to his wife after a long day and a soldier returning home after serving in the military. This homage to our troops is no surprise coming from Morgan, who served in the army himself and is a proud and active supporter of our country's armed forces. At the end of the video, viewers see a photo of Craig (proudly wearing his military uniform) and his wife on their wedding day.

Watch the personal and touching video below.

"I can't help but think of the men and women that are serving when I do this song," the Grand Ole Opry member told Billboard. "After having spent so much time with them over the years, I know how important that coming home is, and that song just kind of talks about that feeling you get when you hear those words."

The song showcases the "International Harvester" and "That's What I Love About Sunday" singer's signature soaring vocals. "It's a very sexy song, the kind of song I think every guy should be willing to say to his girl and I think every girl kind of wants to hear this from her guy," said Morgan.

Craig Morgan new album, A Whole Lot More of Me, is set for release on June 3rd.

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Craig Morgan Explores His Hometown in 'I'll Be Home Soon' Video