Craig Campbell Explores Kids’ Visions of Heaven in Adorable New Video

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When Red Bow recording artist Craig Campbell wondered what kids imagined heaven to look like, he decided to go straight to the source.

Inspired by his new single “Outskirts Of Heaven,” the singer interviewed a group of children and asked them what they believed heaven might be like. Their answers unsurprisingly ranged from thoughtful (“there’s no bad guys or war”) to just downright adorable (“very squishy!”). It’s a sweet and sentimental video companion to Campbell’s new track, which has been rapidly gaining adds on country radio stations across the country. The song has also been celebrated by Campbell’s longtime fans who can’t get enough of his traditional country sound and wholesome, family-oriented lyrics.

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“This is just a song that I wrote. I wasn’t taking into consideration any other factors as far as what’s on the radio or anything like that, it’s just something that I wanted to get out of my heart,” Campbell told Sounds Like Nashville in a recent interview. “When I started playing it live, people reacted to it in a way that I’ve never seen before.”

Click below to watch Craig Campbell’s sweet new video entitled “Heaven: According to Kids.”

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Craig Campbell Explores Kids’ Visions of Heaven in Adorable New Video