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This Adorable Craftsman Home in Galveston Could Be Yours for a Bargain Price


This is the kind of house you'd reference in a song or see in a painting. It's got curb appeal, authenticity, and character. This craftsman home in Galveston is that charming -- and it's for sale.

The two-bedroom bungalow has been meticulously brought back to life by its owners. According to Hooked on Houses, "the homeowners spent over a year restoring the original woodwork. They even hired a forensic paint specialist to uncover the original paint colors so they could replicate them!"

Per the home's sale listing, "Built in 1914, this large 2/1 historic craftsmen bungalow took over a year to painstakingly restore."



There are hardwood floors throughout the home; it also has a clawfoot tub in the bathroom and an appropriately cute backyard. The best part? The home is listed for only $245,000. That's not bad considering all the time, money, and love that went into restoring the house.

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