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Crab Rangoon Pizza is a Real Pie Customers Can Order at This Iowa Pizza Place

Some of the best foods originated from strange flavor combos. Why was peanut butter combined with jelly in the first place, and who decided to freeze cream, eggs and sugar to make ice cream? Another unexpected but genius combination is crab rangoon pizza!

Fong's Pizza

We know that pizza is delicious, and crab rangoons are obviously a crowd pleaser. But crab rangoon pizza? This amazing dish was invented by Fong's Pizza, a restaurant that expertly combines Asian flavors with American and Italian dishes.

From the Ramen Pizza to the toast pho hoagie, Fong's has no limit to their creativity when it comes to dishes. With locations in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Ankeny Iowa, Fong's is renowned for their delicious and unique Chinese food turned pizza.

Crab Rangoon Pizza

Their Crab Rangoon Pizza is one of the best-selling items, featuring cream cheese, crab, green onion, wontons, and sweet chili sauce. This masterpiece is sold over 5,000 times a month, and adventurous foodies come from all over to experience it.

Here's a video to see for yourself!

Fong's Pizza Menu

Fong's Pizza does Asian food right, serving appetizers like crispy Chinese cheesesticks, dragon wings, spring rolls, and crab rangoons of course. For those who haven't experienced this deliciacy, crab rangoons are wontons stuffed with imitation crab meat, cream cheese, garlic powder, green onions and Worcestershire sauce. They are then baked or fried in olive oil until crispy and golden brown, and then dipped in soy sauce or dipping sauce.

As for the pizza options, the Crab Rangoon Best Thing I Ever Ate is Fong's Pizza's claim to fame, but their other pizzas also look incredible. The Ramen Pizza, Kung Pao Chicken, Mongolian Beef and Thai Chicken are too delicious to pass up.

You can also build your own pizza, choosing from a variety of cheeses, pizza toppings, and sauces to adorn your pizza crust. If you're hesitant about Asian food being made into pizza, we're willing to bet that Fong's Pizza will change your mind. Other tasty main dishes featured are salads and sandwiches like the Fongolian Beef and Big Fong!

Make Your Own!

If you won't be in Iowa anytime soon to experience this legendary pizza joint for yourself, you can make your own crab rangoon pizza! A classic crab rangoon pizza recipe involves wonton wrappers, pizza dough, cream cheese, scallions, parmesan cheese, crab meat, mozzarella cheese, and sweet chili sauce. The wonton strips add crispiness to this delicious pizza, while the sweet chili sauce brings a spicy sweetness!

With a prep time of only ten minutes and a total time of under half an hour, this easy recipe is well worth its tasty reward. Simply preheat your oven, decorate your pizza with its creative (yet delicious) toppings, put your pizza pan or baking sheet into the oven, and enjoy! Your masterpiece may not be Fong's Pizza, but it'll get pretty darn close!

Here's the full recipe.

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