Brave Family of Texas Cowboys Save 31 Horses From Flood Waters [VIDEO]

This Texas family of cowboys rode to the rescue and saved 31 horses from drowning.

Torrential rains in Texas over Mothers Day weekend led to flash flooding in some areas. When the Leon River overflowed its banks the Barrett family knew they needed to cut short their trip to Abilene to go check on the horses, and it's a good thing they did. The horses were unable to get out of the reach of the flood waters because the water pressure had forced the gates closed.

Will Barrett and his family own the Cross B Rodeo Company and Boys Ranch, which is operated on their land in Ranger, Texas. He caught a portion of the daring rescue on cell phone video and shared it with NBC.

"The water was higher than the fence and it was already washing ponies over the fence. A few of them had already washed over and were going down the river," said Barrett. "We knew it was an emergency situation." Barrett said.

He and his three sons (age 14, 12 and 8) launched into action to save the frightened animals. All 31 horses were eventually saved from the waters. The harrowing ordeal left an impression on the young men.

"My dad has always taught us let your faith be bigger than your fear," said 14-year old Bailey Barrett.

"We paused a few times during the process, said a prayer or two," his father clarified. "It was absolutely successful. It was scary and pretty intense, and the boys were having a blast."

The video, shot by Will Barrett, shows the younger Barretts rounding up and lassoing horses to lead them safely out of the rushing water that comes up to the animals' chests.

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Brave Family of Texas Cowboys Save 31 Horses From Flood Waters [VIDEO]