Cowboys Fan Gets Revenge on Fiancé Who Dumped Her Before Christmas

The Cowboys dominated the Lions at their game over the Christmas holiday, but one fan missed out on all the action. Brenna Clanton's ex-fiance dumped her before she could give him his Christmas gift - two tickets to the game.

Instead of staying at home, Clanton decided to enjoy the game herself while giving her ex some much-deserved payback.

Alex McDaniel, an editor at the Oxford Eagle newspaper, came upon Clanton in the crowd and snapped a photo. Before heading to the game, Clanton designed a very special sign that explains the entire situation to passersby.

The tweet went viral in a matter of hours, so it's likely that Clanton's ex-fiance has now seen the photo at least a few times. Clanton even publicly thanked McDaniel for sharing the photo. "I cannot thank you enough for how much your kind words mean to me," she wrote on her Instagram.

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Several Twitter users came out of the woodwork to show their support for Clanton. 

So if you still think breaking up with someone via text message is acceptable, let this story be a lesson to you.

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Cowboys Fan Gets Revenge on Fiancé Who Dumped Her Before Christmas