‘Cowboys Don’t Cry’ Singer Daron Norwood Found Dead at 49

Country singer Daron Norwood was found dead in his Hereford, Texas home July 22. He was 49 years old.

Norwood was best known for his hit songs, "Cowboys Don't Cry" and "If It Wasn't for Her I Wouldn't Have You", which hit the Top 30 on the country charts in the mid-90s. Just as he was breaking through the country music scene, the singer stepped away from music due to an ongoing battle with severe alcoholism.

"I loved Jack Daniels, and Jack Daniels hated me," said Norwood of his struggles with alcohol during an interview in 1998. "I was so far down that I should have died. I was averaging 20 to 25 shots of Jack Daniels a night. I was at the bottom."

Trouble followed Norwood later in life, as he was arrested for allegedly battering his wife in 2008, although the charges were later dropped. A year later, many became concerned about his mental health after a bizarre incident at a Texas high school.

According to NewsWest 9, Norwood was invited to the school as a motivational speaker to discuss the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Instead, he spent nearly two hours speaking gibberish, playing random intervals of songs and screaming at students. A teacher reportedly pulled the fire alarm in order to get students out of the building and to end the strange experience.

"The situation in Panhandle [High School] is very damaging to my soul," Norwood said shortly after the incident. "It cost me. It cost me with God, because I made him a promise I'd do my best for him."

Although the official cause of Norwood's death is pending, Hereford police spokesperson Capt. Kirsten Williams says foul play isn't suspected to have played a part.

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‘Cowboys Don’t Cry’ Singer Daron Norwood Found Dead at 49