This Cowboy Sums Up Why We Are So Lucky to Be Americans

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These days, many people are finding it hard to remember why they love being an American. Luckily, the famous cowboy poet Baxter Black has a message for us all that could change our attitudes.

Baxter has it pretty good in life. He's got a nice ranch, a loving wife, a child and animals to spend his day with. He also has the opportunity to sit down at dusk and enjoy the beautiful views around him.

Because he is so lucky, Baxter keeps his New Year's resolution fresh on his mind: Remind himself every day about how lucky he is and to remember the brave soldiers who gave their lives so Americans have the freedom to enjoy their lives.

As Baxter emphasizes, being able to enjoy that freedom is why we are so lucky to be Americans.

This video was published in 2008, but his message still rings true today.

It's easy to forget just how wonderful our country is. But, with messages like this, we are able to remind ourselves just how good we have it. Without the sacrifices of others, the freedoms we have would never have reached the level they are at today.

This video is a stark reminder that we all need to do our part to keep the freedoms we have. That could be as simple as thanking a soldier in a supermarket or as difficult as joining the military ourselves. Regardless of how we want to honor our country, remembering how lucky we are to have the freedoms we have is crucial.

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This Cowboy Sums Up Why We Are So Lucky to Be Americans