picture of American singer Gene Autry.
Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Cowboy Songs: The 15 Best in the Wild West

From cattle drives to cowboy hats, here are 15 tunes that honor cowboys.

The singing cowboy with a guitar was a staple in old cowboy movies of yore, but the cowboy song continues to live on — in film, television, rodeos and the radios of ranch trucks from Texas to Colorado and beyond. The massive popularity of Yellowstone and its soundtrack has only expanded the public appreciation for songs about riding the open range, herding cattle and tending land. Songs from modern western balladeers such as Colter Wall, Corb Lund, Lainey Wilson have turned into modern classics of the genre, proving that the cowboy song will never die.

From American folk classics to 20th century favorites from Patsy Montana, Willie & Waylon and more, here are the 15 best cowboy songs.



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