Texas Cowboy Nails Gymnastic Routine in Trending Video


The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders aren't the only Texans with their choreography down pat.

A trending Facebook video shows Amarillo resident Guy Bell fending off the COVID-19 (coronavirus) blues by pulling off a gymnastics routine, with a red fence outside his ranch serving as his balance beam.

"I think I won the Zinc Metal for sure," reads the caption of the May 1 clip, which shows Bell performing in his cowboy clothes, as opposed to the leotards associated with Olympic-level and NCAA gymnastics teams.

Per local news station KXAN, Bell came up with the idea after watching his daughter practice her own acrobatic moves while they fed the horses.

"I handed my dad my phone and say, 'Hey, Dad, watch this,'" adds Bell.

Although most of the video's 2,000-plus commenters seem genuinely supportive of Bell, the novice gymnast doesn't mind if you want to poke fun at him as he literally straddles the fence.

"I love to see people happy and whatever I'm doing I try to make it fun," says Bell, who's been using social media to entertain others while he stays at home to honor social distancing expectations.

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Bell's Facebook page also features footage of the Easter Bunny riding into his neighborhood on a horse, if you want another glimpse at his sense of humor.

"Enjoy every second you have with the ones you love because life is flying by and that's the fun thing about most of my stuff is I've got somebody in my family around me," Bell told KXAN. "My dad is always filming. It's a family thing. We have a lot of fun together,."

No word yet on whether his floor routine involves dodging cow patties or if the uneven bars are part of a massive field cultivator.

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Texas Cowboy Nails Gymnastic Routine in Trending Video