Cowboy Boot House
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This Giant Cowboy Boot in Texas Could Be Your New Home

There once was an old woman who lived in a shoe, and now you can too! The Cowboy Boot House of Huntsville, Texas is up for rent. And for just $1,200 a month, it could be your new home.

Located at 2640 11th Street in Huntsville, the Cowboy Boot House covers 711 sqft. Don't let that number deter you, though. Instead of taking up a large amount of land, the Cowboy Boot House is built upwards. The two bedroom, one bathroom home features high ceilings and a rooftop deck. With handcrafted features, the unique home rests on magnificent mosaic granite floors.

"Since I was a child, I was always fascinated by creating houses that looked like homes in storybooks," builder Dan Phillips told Houston station KTRK. His next project? A cowboy hat right beside the Cowboy Boot House.

The Cowboy Boot House features nice woodwork throughout, especially in its incredible covered porch.

The soft, faded coloring of paint in the porch area creates a cozy, vintage vibe.

Follow the covered porch into the high-ceiling foyer, equipped with fans to keep the house cool during the hot Texas summer.

Surrounded by mosaic granite, the shower really stands out in the luxurious bathroom.

Carved out of the boot's "toe," this curved-roof living room is truly one of a kind.

Whip up your meals in the unusual and custom featured kitchen.

The home features lots of unique hand-crafted details, including these belt buckle drawer pulls, which infuse some western flair.

Rest your head in one of the cozy bedrooms complete with vinyl-covered ceilings.

Head up the sprawling red staircase to the rooftop deck.

Looking for a perfect place for a barbecue? At 35 feet tall, the Cowboy Boot House offers a nice view.

So, do you want to be the new resident of this unusual property? You can check out the home's full listing here.

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