Cow Cuddles With Rescuers Who Saved It From the Slaughterhouse [WATCH]

After being rescued from a filthy slaughterhouse, this cow showed its appreciation in an unexpected way.

Most people expect a cuddly demeanor from their pet dog or cat, but what about from a cow?

Animal sanctuary Santuario Igualdad Interespecie went on a mission to rescue cattle from a dirty and inhumane dairy farm in Chile. Salvador was one of the young cows that was getting prepped for the slaughterhouse when the group released the animals from the poor conditions. They gave some extra attention and love to the animals, and Salvador repaid them in an amazing way.

This video shows the aftermath of the rescue, with Salvador laying beside one of his rescuers. He looks like more like a giant puppy than a young cow with the way he pours on the cuddles and love to one of the humans that saved his life. The adorable cow was taken from a tiny, dirty cage to an open animal sanctuary that allowed him to grow into a happy and healthy full-sized bull. The amount of love and appreciation that Salvador shows to his new human friends is enough to melt any animal lover's heart instantly.

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Cow Cuddles With Rescuers Who Saved It From the Slaughterhouse [WATCH]