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This Husband's Pumpkin Dudoir Photos Will Crack You Up


There are people in this world who take themselves too seriously, and then, there's Gayla and Ryan Thompson. Gayla is a Nashville-based photographer who shot some hilarious dudoir pics of her husband in his birthday suit (save a pair of rolled-up boxer briefs) surrounded by pumpkins.

The Autumn-themed boudoir photos of her husband, Ryan, have gone viral for the simple reason that they're hilarious.

"Dudoir" photos are boudoir photos of male subjects instead of female subjects.

While boudoir photos for women tend to be serious and sexy, when you apply the same practices to men, it just becomes ridiculous.


Unlike their female counterparts, however, dudoir photo shoots are supposed to be funny, and the Thompsons hit the nail on the head with this one.

In the pictures Ryan poses seductively with pumpkins, giving a smoldering look to the camera, and the absurdity just makes it all the more hysterical.

Some of the poses include Ryan with pumpkin butt cheeks:

Ryan with pumpkin boobs:


Ryan with an enormous beer that he undoubtedly needed:

Ryan prays to the pumpkin gods:

Ryan becomes blurry:

Finally, Ryan disappears entirely:


For more hilarious pumpkin dudoir photos check out GT Photography.

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