Bride and Groom Make Impromptu Post-Wedding Stop at Whataburger


What better way to celebrate saying your vows than immediately heading over to Whataburger? That's exactly what one couple did after their big day, and now they are becoming an internet sensation.

A surprised customer spotted the couple inside the Texas-based burger chain, quickly snapped a picture and shared it on Reddit.

Imgur/ mayguncoheed
Imgur/ mayguncoheed

Of course, when a bride in a wedding gown and her groom appear inside a fast food joint, they are bound to turn some heads. Many Reddit users suggested that they could have saved some time by getting Whataburger to cater their wedding reception.

Apparently, this couple just couldn't resist the thought of a juicy burger to top things off. Of course, all that partying and dancing will take quite a bit out of you. By the end of the night, a great burger is just what you'll need to get your energy back up for the honeymoon.

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What's really funny about this story is that it appears to be a rather common phenomenon. Many Reddit commenters said that they too made a stop to the beloved food chain after their wedding. It just goes to show that nobody can resist the juicy burgers that have made Whataburger so famous. And who can blame them?

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Bride and Groom Make Impromptu Post-Wedding Stop at Whataburger