Couple Charged After Leaving Kids in Car at Luke Bryan Concert

A mother and father were led away in handcuffs after leaving their two young children unattended during a recent Luke Bryan concert.

According to KOAT, fans at the Sept. 19 Luke Bryan concert in West Palm Beach, Fla. spotted two children, ages 9 and 11, left unattended in a running car. Police were alerted and contacted the children's father, Keil Sheppard, who said he'd left the children unattended about 45 minutes earlier.

When the couple came back to the car, they admitted to police they had traveled over 100 miles to see the concert without any childcare situated. Unsurprisingly, the couple was taken away in handcuffs and are now facing multiple child neglect charges. I'll bet the cost of a babysitter would've been way less than their bail.

This ridiculous story is the latest in a slew of crazy behavior by country fans during concerts. After seemingly endless stories about generally awful behavior from fans attending Kenny Chesney's summer stadium tour this year, it seems like it's time for country fans to regroup. Let's bring back the family-friendly atmosphere, bring your kids along, tone down drinking and enjoy what we actually buy tickets for -- the music.

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Couple Charged After Leaving Kids in Car at Luke Bryan Concert