Country Stars React to the First Presidential Debate

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Politics and country music have gone hand in hand for decades. Thanks to the rise of social media, artists can voice their opinions whenever and wherever. This year's presidential race has brought out strong opinions from almost everyone. Whether you're rooting for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or a third-party candidate, there was plenty to talk about during last night's debate.

It was the first of a series of debates between Republican nominee Trump and Democratic nominee Clinton. As most of the country watched on during the hour and a half broadcast, many couldn't help but comment on the events through Twitter. Here are some of the reactions from country music's biggest stars.

A few artists couldn't help but share their anticipation for the big night.

Some pledged their support to Hillary Clinton...

While others stood on the side of Donald Trump.

Earl Dibbles Jr. supplied a third-party suggestion I think we could all get behind.

And finally, Charlie Daniels reminded everyone to try and cut through the noise when it came to making up their mind this election year.

Whatever side you're rooting for, follow the footsteps of your favorite country singers and get out to the polls this November!

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Country Stars React to the First Presidential Debate