Country Stars Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Jimmy Kimmel is the king of interactive web editions that engage both regular Joes and celebrities alike. His Celebrities Read Mean Tweets series is so insanely popular that it’s come to include every type of celebrity, from movie stars to NBA players.

Now, following the 49th Annual CMA Awards, he gifted us a new edition featuring our favorite country stars. These country stars handle their mean tweets exceptionally well, except for Kacey Musgraves who might be slightly offended her band reminds someone of the house band at their local Chili’s. All in good fun, right?

I know lots of people who are absolutely sick of technology. They can’t stand social media, and mostly spend their happy hours complaining about how everyone is on their phone, tweeting about useless things. However, Jimmy Kimmel’s series really makes all those times my friends ignored me to “tweet something good” worth it, because one day it might end up on national television.

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Country Stars Read Mean Tweets About Themselves