Surprising Hidden Talents of Your Favorite Country Stars

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Sure, we know these country stars can sing, write and play their butts off. But did you know they've got some other big talents, too? Heck, a few of them even turned their hobbies into new businesses! Take a look at some of these country stars' hidden talents.

Karen Fairchild -- Fashion Designing

Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild has always had a huge passion for fashion. Even in her early years, she was creating her own special clothing. After music took off, she had a hand in helping keep the four piece fashionable. And she recently launched her own fashion line to prove it. Fair Child (an appropriate name) also recently struck a big deal with Macy's department stores.

Cameron Duddy -- Directing

One third of Midland (one of the fastest rising new acts in country), Cameron Duddy is more than just a great bass player and harmony singer. He's also an award-winning director. Which makes plenty of sense, since his dad is Hollywood cinematographer Christopher Duddy (Terminator 2True LiesTotal Recall). But Cameron made a name for himself directing major music videos for some of music's biggest acts, including Bruno Mars. He directed "Uptown Funk" and also won an MTV Video Music Award for Mars' "Locked Out Of Heaven." Oh, and he directed the band's video for "Drinkin' Problem."

Mark Wystrach -- Acting and Modeling

His Midland brother in arms Cameron Duddy isn't the only one with Hollywood cred. Singer Mark Wystrach also had another life as a model (including the underwear variety) and budding actor on several television shows and movies. Wystrach played music all the while, and lucky for us his big break came in the honky tonks before the Hollywood sound stages.

Miranda Lambert -- Equestrian Riding

Riding horses shouldn't be a surprise talent for any country star. But this isn't just any kind of horse riding. Miranda Lambert is actually a skilled English equestrian rider. The proper form of riding is seen in many equestrian sports, including dressage and polo.

Marty Stuart -- Photography

Marty Stuart isn't just a good photographer. He's a really, really good photographer. In fact, the country star's collection made its way throughout some of America's biggest museums. His prints went on display at the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Stuart has an amazing eye for photographing talent, including many of his contemporaries like Merle Haggard and George Jones. His mom inspired the craft, but his backstage access as a musician helped him snap some of the best candid photos of country stars in existence.

Kimberly Schlapman -- Cooking

Not to be outdone by her bandmate, the curly-haired blonde in Little Big Town is a phenomenal cook. So good, in fact that she has her very own cooking show called Kimberly's Southern Cooking on the Cooking Channel. The show does a good job of fusing her time on the road too, following her as she discovers great restaurants in towns the band is touring to. She also brings in other country artists for a chat.

Jake Owen -- Golf

Much has been made about Jake Owen's affinity for water sports, but before a wake boarding accident messed up his shoulder he was on path to become a golf pro. He won his first tournament at age 15 and even received a golf scholarship to Florida State University.

Dierks Bentley -- Ice Hockey

It's no surprise to folks around Nashville, but Dierks Bentley really loves ice hockey (and his hometown team the Predators). It probably helps when the only year he spent at college at the University of Vermont he lived next door to a Stanley Cup-winning goaltender and shared the same class with another future hall of famer. Bentley (and some of his crew) plays in a recreational league in Nashville, carries his gear with him on the road, and has been featured at several events, including the NHL All Star game. If you're looking to be Bentley's pal? Strap on a pair of skates. He once told ESPN, "If I meet somebody who plays hockey, I can 99 percent know right away we'll be friends."

Cody Johnson -- Bull Riding

Rising country star Cody Johnson started out as a bull rider before he traded in his saddle for a guitar. The former rodeo circuit singer also competed in roping and a few other competitions. He even patrolled a prison on horseback for a little while. After plenty of broken bones, he decided it may be time to go with the (only slightly) safer music career route. But he still rides horses frequently, even recently exiting his Houston rodeo performance on horseback.

Chris Young -- Breakdancing

Chris Young's contemporary Lee Brice (and kind of look-alike) scored a major hit with "I Don't Dance," but Young could easily top it with a theoretical new hit called "I Can Breakdance." After Miranda Lambert spilled the beans on The Talk, Young gave the crowd a small taste of his skills. There are a few other instances of him breakdancing floating around on the internet. No clue where this talent originated, but hey, country singers two-stepping is so cliche.

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Surprising Hidden Talents of Your Favorite Country Stars