Country Songwriter Ned Miller Dies at 90


Country songwriter Ned Miller has died at the age of 90. He passed away on March 18, but his wife did not announce the news of his death until this week.

Miller, an esteemed songwriter of the classic country era, found his strength through songwriting. His biggest hit was “From Jack to a King,” a song Elvis and Bobby Darin covered. When Miller released the song in 1957, it didn’t get much traction, but when Columbia Records reissued the track in 1963, it shot up to No. 6 on the Billboard pop chart, quickly catching the attention of Presley and Darin.

His other notable songs include “Dark Moon,” “Invisible Tears,” and “Do What You Do, Do Well.”

What Miller did well was songwriting. He preferred penning the songs over performing them live. According to the New York Times, Miller was often uncomfortable being on stage, and sometimes asked friends to perform under his name.

He had a great voice, though. You can hear it in this original recording of “From Jack to a King.”

In 1970, Miller stopped retired from recording country music. He lived in White City, Ore. with his wife. He is survived by a sister and four daughters.

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Country Songwriter Ned Miller Dies at 90