Cam Sings Patsy Cline’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ at the Opry

Country newcomer Cam isn’t a traditionalist by any means, but you wouldn’t know it listening to her sing the classic “Sweet Dreams”.

Cam, whose debut album Untamed dropped today (Dec. 11), sang a stirring cover of the song — written by Don Gibson and made most famous by Patsy Cline — during her recent performance at the Opry.

Before launching into the classic, she shared a tender early memory of watching her grandparents enjoy the song.

“When it was real late, they would turn on a song like this and the two of them would slow dance together,” said Cam.

Cam’s debut album includes her hit “Burning House”, which we featured on our list of the 10 Best Country Songs of 2015. Cam is also one of our Rising Female Artists to Watch.

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Cam Sings Patsy Cline’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ at the Opry