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Mini Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan Are the Most Adorable Costumes Ever

Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan have their work cut out for them if they want to keep up with a couple of country kids. This year for Halloween, two Oklahoma youngsters decided to dress in their likeness, and they totally nailed it.

The cute kiddos, conveniently named Cash and Kash, are perfect miniature duplicates of the country music superstars. The best friends even managed to pull off the look with the tattoos Aldean and Bryan have on their arms and their facial hair.

Cash, the cutie who decided to dress as Jason Aldean, did so wearing a plaid shirt, cut up jeans and a huge wallet chain. Naturally, he paired the look with cowboy boots and hat. Kash, on the other hand, is wearing a baseball cap and Bryan's signature tight-fitting jeans and t-shirt. Both boys carry a guitar across their back.

One of the boys' mothers, Kasey Knowles, shared the photo on social media just a few days ago. They hope that the picture will get Aldean's and Bryan's attention. Since she posted the photo, over 161,000 people shared the image, and it has over 5,000 comments.

So far, neither Aldean or Bryan have commented on the photo of the country kids. Hopefully, with this much attention, the two will catch wind of their adorable competition and reach out soon. But, even if they don't, these two boys have already won Halloween for the year.

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