This 90s Country Hip-Hop Workout Video Is, Well, a Lot

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If there's anything more '90's than suburban cowboys and girls line dancing to drop a few pounds, it's home videos made to cash in on such exercise fads. Diane Horner milked the country music trends of the time with her unintentionally hilarious "country hip-hop dancing" videos.

Footage from these videos have made the rounds online since around 2010. YouTubers began discovering how surreal this whole presentation seems with the benefit of hindsight. People who took hip-hop classes could show you the Roger Rabbit, as most of the dance elements here are legitimate. What puts it over the top is a sundtrack that reimagines the Bellamy Brothers' musical formula into workout music.

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It's hard to knock Horner. She's clearly having a good time while trying to pander to a new audience. Nor can you mock her backup dancers over fashion choices directly from the local mall (remember those?). Together, they must've done well enough to justify numerous releases in this series, plus Horner's lone stab at inventing big band hip-hop dancing.

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This 90s Country Hip-Hop Workout Video Is, Well, a Lot