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5 Perfect Gifts for Dads Who Love Country Music


Men aren't hard to shop for. You could get dad a t-shirt and shaving cream every year for Christmas and he wouldn't complain. He'd be happy with a gift card to a chain steakhouse, probably. But just because dad would be happy with a six pack of beer you picked up at the gas station five minutes before you gave it to him doesn't mean that your father's day gift ideas have to be boring or low effort. A unique gift for dad will still go a long way and, even though he might not show it all that much, that thoughtful gift will mean the world to him.

Here are some of our favorite father's day gift ideas for all those country music loving dads out there.

1. Cheeky Coffee Mug

You can really never have too many coffee mugs. Dad drinks it every morning so why not give him yet another to remind him that his love of country music is justified?

Find this mug here.


2. A Set of BBQ Toys

There's not a dad in existence who doesn't love grilling out or smoking meats in his backyard. It's almost every dad's favorite pastime. This 2-piece tool set is the perfect gift and we love the guitar handle to add some musical flair. And it's under $30! Plus it'll inadvertently lead to more delicious meals for you.

Find these BBQ tools here.

3. 21st Century Fishing Tech

Sure this isn't necessarily related to country music, but we couldn't resist adding to the list. If you can handle teaching dad some tech (we very much understand if you can't) the ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder is one of the coolest pieces of fishing equipment we've ever seen. Sure dad probably likes to do things the old fashioned way, but that doesn't mean he still won't get a kick (and a whole lot of use) out of this. And it works for both Apple and Android phones.

Find this here.


4. Classic Country on Vinyl

How about a little George Strait for dad? Listening to it the way he did as a young man? This best of George Strait vinyl record has his greatest hits all in one place. If your dad's more of a Willie Nelson guy there's plenty of that too. You really can't go wrong here and, if your dad is a big country music buff, this was probably on his secret wish list anyway.

Find this vinyl here.

5. Johnny Cash Wall Art

Every dad needs some decor for his man cave, so why not utilize one of the biggest names in country as the ultimate last-minute Father's Day gift?

Find this art here.


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